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Blidworth Woods dog walk, Nottinghamshire


Haywood Oaks and Blidworth Bottoms are a fave destination for lots of Notts doggies. There's plenty of romping space, and a friendly chatting space for post-walkies coffee and cake.


GPS coords for car park: 53.0660, -1.1182


Circular path - follow the signed blue route. Easy access path - follow the white route

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Report review Louise_Herschel - Driving with Dogs


Sky 445 Points
21 January 2024

Busy! But lovely.

So first things first, there are multiple entrances. I went to the car park on Longdale Lane. Its buuuuusy! There is a drinks van there as well with picnic tables.

People are respectful and put their dogs on lead if they see yours on one. People are happy to chat. It was a lovely walk. So many trails, you could easily go without seeing anyone.

Report review Driving with Dogs Team - Driving with Dogs

Driving with Dogs Team

30 April 2015

Yes, I agree with you 'Walking the Dog' - I tend to park in the other car park, not Blidworth Bottoms (bit of a clue in the name??) because of the men. Although it's more crowded, the Ravenshead Road is a lot more relaxed for female walkers.

Report review Walking the dog - Driving with Dogs

Walking the dog

Green 23 Points
29 April 2015

I've been coming to these woods for years both for dog walking and horse riding. More recently the car park at Blidworth Bottoms (nearest Kirkfields riding stable) seems to be taken over by some very dodgy looking older men who don't get out of their cars...I don't know if the Forestry Commission can do something about this? It is very intimidating for female walkers and looks very suspicious!

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