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Edited: 8th April 2020

Broombriggs Farm and Windmill Hill dog walks near Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire


Country park near Leicester, with woodland trails and a windmill. It's based around a traditional farm that was bequeathed to the council to use as a sort of outdoor heritage museum


P&D car park. All day parking for £2.50 (2020). Entrance is opposite Beacon country park.


Two marked trails around the traditional farm, and also trails to the Windmill. Windmill Hill is best for dogs, although the farm is interesting and quieter dogs will like it a lot.

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Walnut 787 Points
31 January 2020

Easy to park; woods and fields for a varied walk

Small car park, so be aware of this on fine days. If it’s full, there’s always Beacon Hill or the Outwoods nearby. In fact, if you don’t mind crossing a road, you do both Beacon Hill and here on the same day. Beacon Hill lower car Park has a recently opened and great dog friendly cafe! We wandered from this car park to the windmill site, which is opened as a viewing platform at limited weekends and bank holidays, but is nothing remarkable. The dogs enjoyed the windy woodland paths, plus a good run in the fields.

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