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Burrough Hill dog walks, Leicestershire


A dog walk over the green hills of the Leicestershire Wolds and some fabulous views on a clear day.


GPS coords for parking: 52.6957, -0.8677  WC + disabled. Dog poo bins. Car park charge. 


Firm paths part of the way, then grass off the main ways. Sheep are used as eco-lawnmowers and so you'll need to be alert for these and put Fido on lead.

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Green 21 Points
18 March 2017

Country Park encompassing Ironage fort. Dissected by a number of public footpaths. Some areas are grazed by sheep, so dogs need to be kept under close control at times. Great views over Leicestershire, but can get boggy in lowlying areas. CarPark short distance via path.

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