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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 19th October 2020

Coastal dog walk and all year dogs allowed beach, Cornwall



Enjoy the buzz and bustle of Mevagissey and then take the dog and escape to a secret beach. It's a short walk away and that puts most people off.  There's a steep set of metal steps to the beach and some dogs won't like this.

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Walnut 700 Points
26 April 2021

Worth the excursion

The museum is at the left hand arm of the harbour. The more direct rout is up the right hand incline outside 'She Sells Seashell' shop. The coastal path sign has been replaced with a 'Annual Permit Holders Only' sign. You cannot miss the ramp, it passes under one of those typically Cornish overhanding buildings.

The ramp turns into steps with plenty of bench stops and scenic observation posts before emerging onto a grassy knoll. Walk straight ahead even though there is no footpath pointing in this direction. Children's play equipment is on the left, plus a litter bin. When the grass ends, the coastal path resumes and is marked by a dog waste only bin. Not far along the narrow path is a Kedhlow Treth sign on the right, with soil steps heading steeply downwards. These turn into the metal steps given in the original directions.

Make note of the tide times please because this shingle cove disappears at high tide.

Worth a visit. Spectacular but it is a test of endurance on the return journey.

Edited: 19th October 2020. The details of this listing may have changed, and though the Driving with Dogs team do our best to confirm the accuracy of every listing, we cannot guarantee that the details are fully up to date and accurate.