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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 8th March 2020

Dog-friendly beach near Porthmadog, Wales


Vast beach and excellent for dogs and football/cricket players.  On the afternoon we took the photos here at the start of the school holidays (August) there was one other car on the beach. And it wasn't even raining!


Parking is on the beach, charge when the attendant is on duty.  If you run out of snacks or cold drinks, the campsites on the way down have shops. Note:  the beach between the fire station and the slipway is off-limits to dogs between May and September.


Large sandy beach with dunes for dogs to sniff around.

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21 March 2019

Great walking beach!

This beach is vast and can supply you with an ideal location for a good long beach walk.

Parking is actually right on the sand which feels a little wrong but it’s huge and very firm for vehicle parking. BE WARNED THAT THE TIDE COMES VERY FAR UP TOWARDS THE DUNES SO BE SURE YOU DON’T LET YOUR CAR GET STUCK IN THE SEA!!!

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