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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 10th February 2022

Dog friendly beach with sand dunes, plus one mile walk to dog friendly pub., Cornwall

Some pub opening times and dog rules are still changing. Please check your chosen pub is able to welcome you before making plans.


This walk is 0.9 mile, mainly flat terrain. The Royal Inn has plenty of outside eating benches with gazebo covering. Currently open for business from noon each day. It is best to check the high tide times and go at low tide in order to have maximum space to exercise dogs. Plenty of litter and dog bins on this walk.


GPS coords for car park: 50.3474, -4.7015  We parked on the first car park approaching Par Sands which was free at April 2021. There are more car parks closer to the sand dunes but these are all pay and display.

Pub or Cafe Address

66 Eastcliffe Road, Par, PL24 2AJ


Noon during Covid restrictions 08:00 to 11:00 normal opening hours

Menu Style

Omelettes, Pizza, Jacket Potatoes, Sandwiches plus sidesFor full menu information, allergens, specials, prices and reservations please check their website.

Dog Rules

Dogs allowed at outside tables



Directions to dog friendly pub; Turn left out of any of the car parks walking along the surfaced highway. Keep the holiday village and pond to your right, public toilets on left (closed at time of our visit). When the tall silos are visible ahead, there is a stone carved '1.75m St. Blazey Eden' sign on the left, and a stone sculpture on the right. Take the path at the sculpture. This footpath is also identified by a 'Clay Trail' metal signage. Follow the first path on the right, identified by a large stone with a carved arrow pointing the way. This footpath sweeps right, then take the right fork. The next right path should bring you to a left turn across a private road, identified by a blue sign Cycle 2. Cross the road (crossroads railway sign) and continue to follow the tarmac path to its end, keeping the stream to your left. This emerges onto a one-way road between buildings. Follow the footpath signed on the opposite side of the road, and slightly to your left. This take you along a zig-zag alley (Par Green). At the end, cross over the road and go right a few paces then continue to following the blue Cycle 2 route left. Enter the gate, keeping to the left footpath. There should be an open green space on your left, and a track area (no dogs) on your right. Keep walking past the skate park toward the railway station. Turn right at the gate, with the railway line on your left; following Cycle 2 route. Walk through the railway car park, station building on your left. Follow the footpath up the ramp and onto the main road. This emerges opposite the Royal Inn.

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Edited: 10th February 2022. The details of this listing may have changed, and though the Driving with Dogs team do our best to confirm the accuracy of every listing, we cannot guarantee that the details are fully up to date and accurate. If you know that any aspect of this listing is incorrect, please suggest an edit to let us know.