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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 6th March 2020

Dunstanburgh Castle dog walk, Northumberland


Stroll with the dog over the Northumberland hills and see an exceptional ruined castle buttressing out to sea. Good bracing air is guaranteed on this hilltop walk.


WC+disabled. Information centre.  The catering van offers Craster Kipper buns and the unique Auchtenluchty sandwich (haggis and bacon) which is delicious. You'll also find the K9 café, with dog water and treats available.  P&D car park. Dog poo bin


From the car park entrance, cross the road and go through the gate into Dunstanburgh Heuts. The path is sticky in wet weather and heads up hill between the hedgerows. Before long there is a choice between walking along the valley bottom or turning right to head uphill. We turned right and followed the fencing around to the left. This led to a wide grassy area at the top of the hill with fantastic views of Dunstanburgh Castle ahead. If there is no livestock, this is a fabulous place for dogs to romp around. It’s a very safe environment with walls and fences and the opportunity to walk for ages enjoying the sea view and air. Turn round at your own halfway point to return to your car.

There are two firm paths from the car park which are more suitable for disabled users than the main walk. One heads into Craster, the other leads to Craster South Farm and is part of the Arnold Memorial Nature Reserve’s path.

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