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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Good off-lead space just off the A6, Leicestershire


This walk is great for a leg stretch and run around, and is only a few minutes away from the A6.


GPS coords for on-road parking: 52.7121, -1.1173  Parking is in lay-bys on a busy road.


Parking isn't great, you basically use the plentiful lay-bys but it is a busy road. However, once you're through the gate, it's fab. A little way in there's a choice - head left towards Sileby, head right towards Cossington.  Cossington is a shorter walk,  and neither is circular so at some point you will turn back. But if you want to stretch your legs in an open space it's great. it''s great, with plenty to sniff, and some cow pats to chomp on. Across the road there are more walks along the canal and the River Soar.

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Walnut 787 Points
18 January 2020

As I have a traffic reactive dog, the parking in lay-bys right next to a fast road gives this walk 4 stars not 5. It’s a case of sit tight til there’s a gap, then all hands on deck to get the dogs safety behind the gate. Once there, however, within a minute you’re in open fields and it’s very nice indeed. You can walk to Cossington by veering right, or to Sileby by veering left. Cossington is much closer, but is a very small village with no shops, whereas Sileby is quite far and not that easy to find. But either way, it’s nice countryside for a run around and you’re quickly away from the traffic.

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