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M4 - Chieveley Services with dog walk, Berkshire



This is a truly rural walk, and a surprising contrast to the busy motorway and M4 service station you will leave behind.  Access to the walk from the car park is quick and hassle-free, it's just incredible that the Services management don't put signs up to the Public Footpath to help everyone out.

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Report review lawmary - Driving with Dogs


Green 30 Points
17 February 2022

Once I found it - the dog could go off lead for a run

I found the entrance a bit hard to find - ended up cutting across some rough land. However it was safe for the dog off lead. Never like crossing roads around service stations which you have to do.

Report review Collie - Driving with Dogs


Green 117 Points
07 September 2019

Good access

Sign posted walk so overgrown with brambles not possible to access. However, plenty of fields to walk and play in. Our dog enjoyed the break .

DwD: thanks for the update. We'll take the shears next time we're there and do for the brambles!

Report review BuffytheLab - Driving with Dogs


Sky 385 Points
24 June 2019

Nothing special!

The field was difficult to find based on the description in this listing - especially without access to the premium part of this site!

We did find what I assume must be the open space referred to but it had a lot of rubble which we had to clamber over to access. The field had a section of tall grass which the dog loved, and the rest was mainly dry dirt. We were able to throw a ball around for the dog in this area off lead. Not worth stopping here specially. There was a large patch of grass behind the main services on the left hand side where many people were walking dogs, which is fine for a quick walk and toilet.

DwD Team comment: Premium membership would have given you directions to the woods and stream here. By chance you've just hit 100 Treat Points so we're giving you a FREE Premium membership so you won't need to guess at the directions!

Report review montes - Driving with Dogs


Green 27 Points
11 May 2011

A lovely walk but it may be affected by a planning application to quarry aggregate as there were several notices about this along the walk, hopefully the beautiful bluebell wood will be unaffected, dog loved the puddles

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