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M69 Junction2 dog walk and cafe, Leicestershire



The mix of woodland and common is a large open space with plenty of room for dogs to let off steam.  There are several well maintained paths and on a hot day it's lovely to stroll over the meadows and let dogs take in the cooling air.

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Report review Choccybarplease - Driving with Dogs


Walnut 787 Points
24 January 2020

Hidden olde worlde tea room is my choice here

We always park in the car park by the main cafe, open the boot and let the dogs jump out. We then head off past the kiddies play area (no dogs allowed) and diagonally right, towards the woods. Follow the edge of the woods with the woods on your left, and you’ll come to a metal gate. Enter the woods, and follow the main path. You’ll have a golf course on your right, and there’s a train line ahead (no danger) so be aware of train noises. There’s a little brook running along the edge of the woods, after a while you will cross this and head through the railway arches. Turn left and head into the field. You’ll see an old house in the corner of the field. Here, you can buy tea and coffee and various simple snacks. We have a Mr Kipling Bakewell Habit when we come here. There are a few picnic benches in the field, or you can go and sit within the garden with dogs under control. Not much room inside, this place is someone’s home, with the front room as a cafe. I love it. It’s like something from the 1940s, without the twee decoration. The family who run it open most of the year. And it’s very cheap. After your cuppa and snack, take the track towards the metal gate then head left, back under the railway arches. You’ll now be heading towards the car park again, but there are many paths to wander and fields to play in. Great for socialising dogs, everyone is so friendly.

Report review Hanrah - Driving with Dogs


Green 45 Points
09 September 2019

Walks, playground and a great cafe

I only discovered this place at the weekend and it really is fab.

The cafe is dog friendly and sells outrageously good (and huge!) cake, and there's also a play area and a paddock full of donkeys, which is good entertainment if you're taking the kids.

There's a lot of open space and woodland to explore, so whether your pup has little legs or prefers to roam, it's a very good destination!

(And seriously, the cakes are massive!)

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