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M9 junction 9 battlefield dog walk, Scotland


Was this the site of the battle, or not?  Either way, it's a fine space for dogs to charge around in. The visitor centre is good fun - with battle ready soldiers on hand to rescue the faint-hearted from the very gory battle video. Far less commercial than you may think, Bannockburn is a good combo of dog-walk and stuff to see and savour.


GPS coords for car park: 56.0926, -3.9346 What3Words: ///accent.prefer.spout  Visitor centre, WC+ disabled, shop, exhibition and exciting battle video. coffee machine and biscuits. For more filling fare there is a choice between the motorway services at Junction 9; the Klondike Garden Centre for coffee and cakes on the left before the entrance to Bannockburn, or the King Robert Hotel Bistro next to the battle site.


After a convincingly bloodthirsty performance by the actor/warrior in the visitor centre the battlefield itself was something of an anti-climax. But the dog won't mind that the open land here is more playing field than ghost-filled museum, as it's an ideal space for a bound with the hound.  Do look out for young visitors brandishing swords, though.

No directions necessary, as there is just plenty of open space.

The visitor centre shop is worth a look, and we came out duly laden with a CD of folk music, shortbread, and a book to make sense of all the castles and battlefields we'd walked the dog over. Turns out (according to Magnus Magnusson) that this isn't the site of the battle at all!

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Green 35 Points
14 August 2022

Great walk for sociable dogs

Great place to stop off for a walk. Lots of locals and visitors and their dogs use this too. It's not suitable for nervous or reactive dogs but sociable dogs with good training (as some people visit the centre and monument don't want dogs running up to them) are fine.

There's a large mown area around the monument and then beyond there are longer grass fields, footpaths and a small wooded area.

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