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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 4th June 2021

Massive open space near the sea, ideal for solitary dogs, Lincolnshire


A massive and bleak liminal space that is perfect for dogs who really don't get along with other dogs!  Or practising your sledding skills perhaps. 


GPS:  53.3790, 0.2283


Dunes and nature reserve are the key features here, but be aware that the army also use the area for exercises and if the red flag is flying then, basically, stay well away.  The sea is miles out, and the sand/marsh is great for ball games but disappointing if you're expecting a big sandy beach. Kids will hate it here.

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Edited: 4th June 2021. The details of this listing may have changed, and though the Driving with Dogs team do our best to confirm the accuracy of every listing, we cannot guarantee that the details are fully up to date and accurate. If you know that any aspect of this listing is incorrect, please suggest an edit to let us know.