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Phoenix Park dog walk (behind the tram stop), Nottinghamshire


A little hidden walk right behind the Phoenix Park Tram stop. Formerly a mine site, which has had reclamation work and now a park. You can expect to see a varying degree of wildlife, including pheasants and foxes.


No direct parking but it's right beside an industrial estate so there is on road parking if you want to go via the Pheonix Park way. There is a walking entrance right at the side of the tram car park and it's a steep one. There are also ways into this park through the surrounding estates and they seem to have laybuys for parking - might also be a bit more flat so worth a Google.


It is a hilly walk and I think has been used by dirt bikes here and there. So if visiting, might be worth considering the weather for the last week or so as the hills and the roughed up dirt from the bikes could make it difficult. There are plenty of views when you're on the top of the park, lots of trails to navigate, some more unused & overgrown than others. 

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