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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 17th February 2020

Raincliffe Woods dog walk near Scarborough, Yorkshire


Excellent dog walking in woodland just a couple of miles from the bright lights of Scarborough. This is ideal summer walking when every dog needs sniffing space away from the crowds.


No facilities in the woods, but it's easy to pick up picnic essentials in Scarborough. 

Throxenby Mere is a tiny reminder of a once massive glacial lake formed by melt water as the ice age ended. It's home to many beetle families with pedigrees going back over 15,000 years.


There are several marked trails in the 400 acre woods, and at least one trail starts from each of the car parks.

From the Green Gate car park:   

The Middle Trail, purpley markers, takes you through the middle of the woods and almost to the very scenic Throxenby Mere. A small extra loop at the end onto the Rowntree trail, orange markers, will get you there.  This is the longest possible route and will take about 3 hours or so, and there are some steep bits.

The Wallis Trail, blue markers, also starts here and this one dog legs through the woods for about 2 hours.

From the Saw Mill car park there's a short 30-45 minute circular walk. Green markers/Graham Trail.

From the Raincliffe Gate car park - which is roughly in the centre of the woods - it's possible to walk away from the road following the green/blue markers, and then turn left onto the purpley Middle trail and on to the Mere. This is a 2 hour walk with a lot of variety.

There are other options too, but these will get you started.

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Green 28 Points
03 August 2010

Did a combination of trails here today - great for letting the dog off the lead,our spaniel loved it. You can wander off the trails of you are not careful but, with a little bit of extra walking, can soon pick it up again. Loads of car parks to choose from so no two walks can be the same. Throxenby Mere is a nice spot but I guess could get busy. We hardly saw anyone all walk the place is so big!

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