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Ratby dog walk in the forest, Leicestershire



A popular dog walking wood, with a surprising variety of trees. Don't be put off by the closeness of the motorway, you're not really aware of it once over the bridge.  This is part of the new National Forest.

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Walnut 787 Points
10 January 2020

Woodland & safe, enclosed fields

Park up in Martinshaw Car Park on Markfield Road, then take the path that’s perpendicular to the road. Keep your dogs on a lead here, as you’ll pass over the M1 and it’s very loud. Carry on a few metres after you’ve left the bridge and you’ve a choice- go through the gate to the left and into the woods, or stay on the path and veer right into the fields. The woods have wide paths and lots of cross- crossing paths, and you can wander for ages. If you’ve taken the route to the fields, notice the period gates keeper cottage ahead to your left and cross diagonally through this field . You’ll find yourself at two enclosed fields, the one on the left is much quieter as it’s further from the motorway. After a safe play here, head back to the cottage but turn right into a lovely field with a dip in the middle. It takes you into the woods, take the track to the left and you’ll be able to work your way back to the car park, in an anti clockwise direction.

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