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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Edited: 10th April 2020

Reservoir dog walk, Leicestershire


Calm and cooling spot for a dog walk - and no chance of getting lost.


Information board, picnic tables. Thornton Nurseries Coffee Shop is opposite the car park. There is more parking at the far end of the dam.


Quite simply, this is a walk around the reservoir on hard surfaced paths. This walk has a calm feel about it which will be enjoyed by both dogs and people. On the far shore, it is possible to enter woodland on one of the many paths.  If you're planning on doing a full circuit, you'll need to walk across the dam which means a bit of road-walking.

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Walnut 787 Points
10 January 2020

Bigger than it looks!

Thornton reservoir has two car parks. It takes about an hour to walk round, and this includes a bit of road walking, for about 5 minutes. I have given it 4 stars for this reason, as I have a traffic reactive dog, so we can’t do the full circuit. There are opportunities to leave the main path to enter woodland and fields . There is a very small kiosk for emergency chocolate bars and crisps, also the toilets are here. It can get very busy, with kiddies on bikes, and pushchairs, but if you choose the right time it’s a beautiful walk.

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