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Sandwell Valley dog walk, West Midlands


Short, and pleasant walk through a bird sanctuary. The visitor centre has lots of interesting info, and there's plenty for kids to do (apart from walking the dog).


GPS coords for car park: 52.5316, -1.9593  Free car park but take care with the innovative speed/size limiting pyramids.  WCs, childrens' play area, snacks, visitor centre, farm demonstrations.  To reach the visitor centre, go to the back left corner of the car park, through a metal gate, and follow the path to the visitor centre and farm shop.


Go through the gate at the end of the car park on the right hand side, and you will see a walkers' sign marking the River Tame Way. Walk forward along the concrete road towards the lake, past the welcome sign, cross over the bridge and turn right to walk around part of the lake. The lake is on the left and the River Tame to the right as the path winds around the lake.

There is a steep drop from the river bank to the water here, which is really difficult for dogs to get out from. Water-loving Jem had a massive struggle to get out – and it was hard to grab his collar to haul him up. Suggestion is that you don't let your dog go swimming in the first place!

After 10 minutes or so, the path continues through land given over to the RSPB so dogs need to be on leads here. The RSPB are evidently doing a great job – the flashing of bright plumage and shrilling bird song in early Spring was sensational.  When you reach the head of the lake, turn around to retrace your steps.

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03 June 2022

Lovely Circular Walk

Lovely walk around lake with spectacular scenery. Loop took around 45 minutes. Parked next to farm which has small cost at chargeable times (40p for an hour). Toilets in farm so not always accessible and would have to pay for entry. About 5 minutes off the motorway. Would stop again.

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