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Snettisham dog-friendly beach, Norfolk


Dog friendly beach, and it's backed by some really interesting nature habitats (where dogs need to be o leads). Lovely for families interested in nature and dogs.   The beach goes on and on and you can walk for miles and miles. 


GPS coords for car park: 52.8739, 0.4469  Car park charges and height restriction bar. Pet shop by the caravan park (just before the car park) with more in stock than you'd expect.  A couple of cafes with outdoor tables, one in the caravan park and the other further back along the road.


The shore is a mix of shingle and softer sand. If you turn right and walk with the sea on your left, the town in the distance is Hunstanton.

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21 May 2021

Best of both worlds

This is a brilliant are to walk your dog. as the review says, the beach goes on for miles in both directions from the car park (currently £2 for up to 1 hour, £5 for 2 hours or more; Charges reduce out of season). The beach is easy to walk on but the dogs will love the area on the land side of the beach bank. There are some nature habitats where dogs need to be on lead, including some of the beach area, but there is plenty of scrub land for dogs to wander/run in off-lead without them venturing in to the protected areas. Also a couple of ponds for them to frolic in. We make the journey every couple of weeks and it's well worth it, coming home with 2 exhausted pooches. Beach or scrub land? No need to choose.

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