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Edited: 10th April 2020

Thurcaston dog walks, Leicestershire


There's 250 acres of dog walking in a country park that's still finding its feet. The charm lies in the bits and pieces of history still visible in the park - although they are not over-obvious. The park is in two parts, because the A46 goes straight through the middle - and this isn't a road that welcomes pedestrians trying to cross! The southern part has the hills, and good views over the Charnwood Hills; the northern side has bluebell woods and medieval hedgerows.


No facilities.


Marked trails have been set up, with a Heritage Trail passing features such as a medieval fish pond and earlier earthworks. The paths are quite well maintained, and easy to follow.

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Walnut 787 Points
24 January 2020

Woodland, open space, water, free parking- perfect!

This unexpected and large area provides undulating landscape of fields and woodland, and a river. We park near Gynsill Tennis Club and within seconds we are enjoying the fields. Look on a map and you’ll see this park is very long and thin, stretching towards Thurscaston from Anstey. There are many paths to follow on all levels. We took a good pace today to walk from one end to the other, and back, and it took us an hour, even allowing for snuffling in the grasses.

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