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A travel dog bed makes every trip stress-free

A travel dog bed makes every trip stress-free

Any dog owner who's ever sat in a car or taxi trying to keep the dog off the seat, praying for dog hair and paw mud to stay on the dog and not on the upholstery will welcome this clever solution for dogs in the car.

The Fluff Dog Car Seat is a portable dog bed that fits neatly into any vehicle and creates a comfortable sofa bed for your pooch to snuggle into.  You can use your Fluff on the back seat of the car, like Effi is sitting here in the photo, or place it in the boot space. The car is protected from wet and muddy dogs by cushioning that covers the entire seat backs and also the combination of soft-padded sofa cushion and bed base on the car seat itself.  The Fluff dog seat stays in place with adjustable straps that simply hook over the rear headrests. So you don't need to change anything in the car. Just pop the Fluff dog seat in the car, hook the straps over and then add your dog.

What I really love about the Fluff seat is that it's so versatile.  The Driving with Dogs team collies usually travel in the boot behind a fixed dog guard. So whenever we go in a different car with friends and family, I end up in the back with the dogs and travel harnesses that never seem to have the right attachments to quickly clip them on.  This clever seat protector is the solution to all that faffing around. And what's more, even with two dogs on the Fluff seat you can still get an adult passenger in the back who stays free of doggie detritus too!

The Fluff car seat arrives in a surprisingly small vacuum pack. And I really did have my doubts that it would be large enough to do the job. But as soon as you've opened the bag and put the cushions in place you can see this is a generously sized dog bed that will easily hold two collies, or one Great Dane.

Driving with Dogs members get a whopping 15% discount off the RRP for this super-comfy travel bed.  You must be signed in to see the discount code and it's available to all Driving with Dogs members, Premium and Free plans.

Jubilees is a small business specializing in pet travel supplies, including dog car seats, walking gears, and carriers. They offer lifetime warranty, 30-day free return, and free shipping.  We've partnered with Julibees to let you know about their dog travel products.

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