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FoldaBowl - dog's delight for food and water on the go

FoldaBowl - dog's delight for food and water on the go

We're raving about the new Easy Pets bowls for dogs on the go. These are really clever designs that totally work for dogs and owners.

First up is the drinking bowl. We tried this out with Jem and some of his doggie mates on a dog walk. The bowl itself can be attached to your dog's collar with the clasp provided, or you can clip it onto a backpack or your belt. It's very light and soft so most dogs won't even notice they're toting their own bowl. Jem was completely happy with it clipped onto his collar.

The bowl springs open when you're ready to use it, and contains about half-a-litre of water. That's plenty for thirsty pooches to enjoy. The bowl stayed in shape when the water went in and so it's easy for dogs to get their noses in comfortably.

When your dog has finished drinking, you just give the bowl a shake and then fold it up again and secure with the tough stretch band that's part of the bowl. The origami takes a bit of getting used to at first, but once you've got the knack it's easy-peasy. 

Over the years we've tried all sorts of drinking solutions for the Driving with Dogs dog, Jem. He's a fussy fellow and won't drink from shared bowls or containers with little nose space. He took to this little bowl instantly, and that's a huge relief now he's getting older and needs more regular water stops.

These little bowls make fantastic gifts for dog owners. The design and silicon texture is first-class and we just love them! When you win a Treat with Driving with Dogs you're in with a chance of getting yourself a free FoldaBowl. Or visit  the Easy Pets website and buy one there.

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