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Gnasher bones for dog dental care from Scrumbles

Gnasher bones for dog dental care from Scrumbles

When dog owners meet, a dog poo conversation usually gets started in seconds. Just listen for yourself! So we love it when a dog food manufacturer starts at the business end of the dog and then gets to work on creating gut-friendly dog food recipes. 

Scrumbles petfood was inspired by a lucky doggo, Smudge and her feline friend Boo. They are the chief tasters of the Scrumbles food and treats. Before they get to try the food, a team of pet parents with nutritionists and vets checks on the science.

The food has a high meat content and is prepared in the UK using natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals. It's free from gluten, dairy, wheat and soy and has no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. To actively promote better digestion and good gut health, Scrumbles use live probiotics and slippery elm.

What's specially good about the Scrumbles range is that much of the packaging is compostable. I like to use the empty treat packs as a liner in the kitchen compost bin. So after Jem's enjoyed the treats the packaging rots down in the garden and ends up fuelling our vegetables. 

Scrumbles food and treats is available for cats and dogs, with a choice of dry food recipes or wet food in trays. Here's a link to check out all their Natural Petfood.

Driving with Dogs members have the chance to win a pack of Scrumbles dog dental treat bones! Every time you add 100 points to your membership by adding a new walk, dog-friendly pub or cafe to Driving with Dogs you win a treat. Check it out!

Scrumbles are offering Driving with Dogs members a 15% discount off your first order. The discount code is below (you need to be signed in to see it).

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