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Most Office Friendly Dog Breeds Revealed as Britain Prepares to Celebrate ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day'

Most Office Friendly Dog Breeds Revealed as Britain Prepares to Celebrate ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day'

Since the pandemic, an estimated 13 million of the UK population are now dog owners, equating to approximately 34% of households[1]. But the sharp increase in dog ownership could pose a problem for office working 'pet parents', with two thirds[2] of working adults now fully back in the office despite only 25% of offices claiming to be dog-friendly. 

To mark Bring Your Dog to Work Day (24th June), Wisdom Panel, the most comprehensive dog DNA test, interviewed 2,000 office workers to uncover the top canine complaints.  

The survey reveals that relentless barking (43%) and unwanted smells (36%) are by far the most irritating aspects of dogs in the workplace with 35% believing dogs to be an unwanted distraction overall. The survey also reveals that on average two dogs are present in a workplace at any one time with a third (33%) of respondents being made to feel uncomfortable by multiple dogs that do not get along. 

However, with dogs likely to be an increasingly common feature in the workplace, Wisdom Panel has created a list of top breeds for workplace harmony:


  • French Bulldogs tend to make many odd noises, however barking isn't usually one of their musical talents 
  • Whippets typically contain smaller sebaceous glands and therefore are least likely to smell 
  • Golden Retrievers are generally happy-go-lucky calm dogs, perfect for the office
  • Chow Chows are reserved, independent breed, often fine to be left on their own
  • Labrador Retrievers are very social dogs, getting along with other four-legged 'workers' 


  • Beagles and Dachshund are known for their vocal skills, which may be best left at home 
  • Vizslas are known to chew things, and if not provided with appropriate chew toys in the office, may take matters into their own paws 
  • Saint Bernards tend to have a doggy odour, known for drooling and active outdoor lifestyle
  • Jack Russells are known to suffer from separation anxiety 
  • Akitas can be aggressive and are best when they're the only dog around

Georgina Richardson Head of Wisdom Panel UK comments:   "Dogs are great additions to the workplace and this Bring Your Dog To Work Day is a great excuse to take your dog to work to trial it out. Dogs can be great companions in the workplace - they're great company, good for bonding and can even help to reduce stress levels. However, knowing the genetic and behavioural traits of your dog's breed can go a long way in assessing their suitability to an office environment and whether they might mix well with other office dogs."

About Wisdom Panel

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[2] ONS survey, Spring 2022

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