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Poochie portraits that don't cost the earth

Poochie portraits that don't cost the earth

When your phone has more pics of your dog than the kids and more pics of your dog than your partner, it's time to move into dog art.

No one portrait can capture your dog in all sorts of different poses from puppyhood to maturity, or show a range of emotions from 'playful pooch' to 'best in show' or 'grubbiest dog'. But with modern printing tech you can easily get snaps of your dog transferred onto canvas and have lots of them! It's a really simple process and absolutely won't break the bank.

Use the smaller square size, like the one Jem's showing here, to group several canvases together to display your pet at his best. Larger canvases are great for staircases and hallways, and you can choose from different sizes to fit your home. The pictures are light and very easy to hang up, or you can just prop them against a wall. 

You can also personalise your caravan or boat with one of these canvases. Because they are light enough to be rested against a firm surface, you don't need to puncture the 'wall' to hang up the picture. I'm sure we'll have one in the tent by next year!

I used Snapfish for Jem's portrait and the service was great. The picture arrived in less than a week, and is exactly as promised. At the moment there's a discount offer on and I've ordered more of Jem on the beach, Jem rolling in hay, Jem running in the woods, Jem in the Peak District, Jem ...  well, if there's a discount use it!

Here's the link to Snapfish to get your images ready and go bigtime on doggie art!

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