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Find the perfect dog walk on your journey - Driving with Dogs

Bark Out



For 'fitness fail' week (where fitness resolutions are most likely to be broken!), Wisdom Panel, the world's #1 pet DNA test, has launched the first breed specific 'Doggy Walkouts' for pet parents and their dogs, devised by vet experts at Wisdom Panel and head trainer for the ITV Series Harry's Heroes Luke Worthington. The simple exercises act as 'supercharged walkies' burning up to 150 calories by incorporating just one round of exercises.

New research by Wisdom Panel reveals that of the 80% of pet parents planning to exercise with their dogs, over a quarter admit to not knowing the correct exercises for their dog's breed. This is due to the fact that 1 in 3 owners are not entirely sure of their dog's genetic make-up, exercise needs and limitations.   

With exercise needs for different breeds varying greatly, the 'Doggy Walkouts' have been devised by vet experts at Wisdom Panel and Personal Trainer Luke Worthington, to maximise time spent together outdoors, giving human and hound a series of moves to torch the calories together.

Is your pooch 'Little Legs', 'Snub Nosed and Sensitive' or 'Powerful and Muscular'?

Through deep breed-based knowledge acquired through testing millions of dogs' DNA, the workouts bring together the estimated 221+ pedigree and mixed breeds in the UK into five categories and are based around three core exercises. Designed for a bonding and energetic workout whatever the time available with minimal props required, they take into account the most suitable and effective exercises for categories as diverse as 'Little Legs', 'Snub Nosed and Sensitive' and 'Powerful and Muscular'. 

The majority (63%) of dog owners claim to feel much more motivated and likely to exercise for longer or harder when with their dog, it is hoped the workouts will help dog loving humans beat the January blues whilst getting their dogs match fit for the year ahead. And if, like 63% of dog owners, you prioritise your dog's daily fitness over your own, these simple exercises act as 'supercharged walkies' burning up to 150 calories by incorporating just one round of exercises.  If you can't wait to get started, click here for the exercises!

Luke Worthington, head trainer for the ITV Series Harry's Heroes and pet parent of Bob The Pug comments:   "Your dog makes for the perfect workout buddy. They're loyal, your No1 champion, never judgmental, are tireless and have been shown to boost serotonin levels. Not only that, they're likely stronger than you, definitely faster than you and always up for going outside for fresh air and exercise. That's why I've worked with Wisdom Panel to build the Doggy Walkouts based around your dog's breed specific needs. So grab your pooch, head to the park and try these simple exercises to get a sweat on whilst doing your dog a favour too. Don't forget that everybody is beginning at a different starting point, so make sure you set a pace that feels right for you."

Dr. Annette Louviere, Veterinarian at Wisdom Panel comments:  "As well as providing a serious physical workout, the Doggy Walkouts have been designed with mental wellbeing in mind, to unleash an even greater bond between dog and owner. And a dog's breed is one of the biggest factors in predicting the amount of exercise they need yet only 1 in 3 of us can say we know this. Luckily, a dog's ancestry can be unlocked by a simple DNA test with reporting precision down to 1% to determine the right mix of exercise for them amongst many other useful insights - like vital genetic information on key health markers. With 12 million dog owners now in Britain we urge people to challenge their assumptions and give their dogs a voice through the data which in turn helps ensure happier and healthier dogs for years to come."

[Disclaimer: Always make sure to discuss your fitness and lifestyle habits with a vet before embarking on a new training program or implementing a new exercise routine with your dog. And always make sure that your dog is well hydrated and has access to ample shade in hot weather.]

About Wisdom Health Genetics    The mission of the Wisdom Health business, a division of Kinship Partners, Inc, is to strengthen the bond between pets and their people through world-leading insights powered by DNA. Wisdom Panel™ dog DNA tests—backed by WISDOM HEALTH™ scientific research—can help pet parents plan better, care smarter, and love longer. For more than a decade, Wisdom Health™ scientific research has contributed to state-of-the-art genetic tests for companion animals, revolutionising personalised pet care. By unlocking the secrets of their dog's DNA, pet parents and veterinarians can work together to tailor wellness programs that fit the one-of-a-kind needs of their pets. More than 7,000 veterinarians worldwide recommend and offer Wisdom Panel™ products. For more information, visit Wisdom Panel

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