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The dog food of the future has landed - and it's worth a try

The dog food of the future has landed - and it's worth a try

A few days ago I ate dog food for the first time. It felt nice and crunchy, and tasted a bit like smokey BBQ mushrooms. And this could well be the start of future food.

This dog food from Yora is made from whole insect grubs in super-scientific conditions. The grubs are as high in protein as chicken, and easy to digest. The kibble also includes vegetables, insect oil, seaweed and oats to make a complete dog food. What's really interesting about this food is that the environmental impact is so small, in terms of water use, land use and greenhouse gases.

The food has a high 4.8 rating on consumer site Feefo and dogs are clearly loving it. Reports from dog owners suggest that this is a gentle food for sensitive doggie tummies and suitable for dogs prone to allergies. Always check with your vet when changing allergy prescription diets.

When you're taking your pet on holiday the food is excellent to use inside a campervan, tent and hotel room as the smell isn't at all 'doggie'. Our pup woofed up his trial portion with gusto and he won't usually eat dry dog food at all.

The Driving with Dogs team all nibbled a piece each and it felt like eating a bit of Vegan meat substitute. We were interested in whether the idea of eating grubs had a gross-out factor, and actually it didn't! After getting so very personal with the food we felt that this is the start of something completely different in dog nutrition, and absolutely worth trying out with the dogs.

More details and information from the Yora website and you can order direct from Yora.

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