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The Paw Feeder - slow your pet's eating

The Paw Feeder - slow your pet's eating

Is your dog a food scoffer? If so, you'll know all about the possibility of bloating and digestive disorders caused by gulping and eating too fast.

We asked a member of Driving with Dogs to check out the new 'Paw Feeder' to see how it works. And whether her doggie tester, a Cairn Terrier called Toby, would take to it. Toby has a bit of a history of scoffing so the hope was that this would be a useful feeding aid. Here's what Toby's owner Steff said about the Paw Feeder.

First up, the feel of it. The plastic doesn't have sharp edges and it feels quite safe and clean. I don't particularly like dog bowls and toys with hard to get at corners because that's where the germs lurk. This is easy to clean and the criss-cross bit comes out completely so you can easily disinfect it separately if neccesary.

The shape is quite cute and it looks nice. In the picture it shows dry food in all the compartments. I put water in two of the 'pads' and put food in the pads with the raised bobble in the middle and the criss-cross pad. Toby did try to hoover up food from both pads at once, and the bobble bits prevented him from doing this. He did go back for more, and was definitely getting the food out more slowly than usual.

The criss-cross pad had me and Toby occupied in figuring out the best way to use it. I smeared wet food over it, and put it back into the paw shape. So Toby licked off the easy top layer nice and slowly, which was great - and then tried to get the pad out of the unit to give it a good chew. Each little square is small, so quite a lot of wet food stuck to the sides and Toby wanted to get at the whole pad. He wasn't able to get the pad out, thank goodness!  It's a clever idea and much more of a challenge than it looks. I think I might be nervous of letting Toby at it without supervision but that's not really an issue because we've been hand-feeding him small amounts anyway. I think it's possible that bigger dogs with a lot of determination and longer nails could prise the pad out, and then you'd get food all over the floor - but this didn't happen to us.

So overall the Paw Feeder is a very easy to use, deceptively clever feeding aid and I'm glad we get to keep the trial one! I was asked to guess the price, and said around £18 to £20.  The actual price is around £9.50 from online stores and that's incredibly good value for something made nicely and that actually helped Toby to slow down.

More details about the Paw Feeder and useful customer reviews are on Amazon


Eating too fast can be unhealthy for dogs which can cause digesting issues, and a super tricky eating game may annoy them too! The PAW Feeder provides various feeding options to make sure your dog can always have a fun, slower meal. The unique paw design features 3 feeding areas: 2 standard bowls (85mlx2), 2 gulp-stoppers (70mlx2), and 1 mini-meal area (190ml) which seperate food into smaller compartments. Suitable for both dry and wet food.


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