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Who does your dog think he is?

Who does your dog think he is?

One of the fun challenges of adopting a rescue pup or adult dog is trying to figure out who the ancestors were. And even designer doggies bought as stylish crosses aren't always what they seem.

So how do you tell if your Jackapoo, Labradoodle or Sprollie really is a genuine cross between two pedigree pooches?

Simple.  Just send off for a doggie DNA testing kit and after a couple of weeks your pet's ancestry will be revealed. But be prepared for surprises! On Jem's 10th birthday we decided to get the kit and see what his parents had been up to. Jem came to us from the Border Collie Rescue Trust as one of a litter of pups from Ireland, and has grown up to look like a small working dog perfectly suited to farm work.

We took the DNA samples from his cheeks, following the simple instructions in the kit. And then sent the samples back to the laboratory for testing. The process was very easy and everything you need is supplied, including the return envelope.

To check on progress we had a code to put into the testing website, and this also updated us on when his results were ready.  To my huge surprise, Jem is actually 50/50 Border Collie and Jack Russell. Not at all the Heinz 57 with a bit of collie that I'd thought.

To get your own doggie DNA testing kit just click here

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