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Bark Out

Bark Out

From shaggy dog stories to the latest doggie events, the Bark Out is full of tasty tidbits of news and information about what's going on in the canine world. Take a look at our latest stories, or filter by the categories or keywords that interest you.

feelwells chicken treats.jpg

Very yummy ethical dog treats

Ethically sourced petfood suitable for all dogs, including dogs with intolerances, food allergies and conditions such as colitis


The Paw Feeder - slow your pet's eating

Is your dog a food scoffer? If so, you'll know all about the possibility of bloating and digestive disorders caused by gulping and eating too fast.

dog hogwarts cape and hat.jpg

Halloween tricks and treats for doggo

Give your dog the chance to show off with the best outfits for dog tricks and treats this Halloween.


Unique dog-friendly holiday cottage

If staycation means going somewhere to do all the usual domestic stuff but without the gizmos and efficiency of home, you may well ask 'why bother?'

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