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Jem's doggie bookshop for inspiring reads

Jem's doggie bookshop for inspiring reads

When your own pooch is crashed out on the sofa, and it's time to put your own feet up too - what's better than a heartwarming story about a fabulous dog?

We've found some waggy dog tails that celebrate the best of dogs and people.  From the fabulous Finn - the dog  behind the recent legislation for Finn's Law, to the moving and inspiration story of Travels with Buster.

Author Diane Viola says: "My intention with this book is that it will nurture you, touch your heart and reignite your passion for life, love and all who are dear to you, in whatever form they take. None of us is going to get out of this thing alive! So, while we’re here, we need to make the most of it, to experience life with all its gifts; of joy and sadness, of giving and receiving, of light and darkness, of the courage that comes from ‘seeing things as they are and being willing to meet life on its own terms’ and of the strength that comes from the practice of gentleness. These are the gifts bestowed on me as I traversed this journey of unconditional love with Buster that gave me the trust and faith to engage in the swings and roundabouts of life! May you too be blessed with a little of this magic as you travel the pages of this book in your own imagination.

Pure and simple – that’s a dog’s life! And that is the gift Buster was and continues to be, to me, which I now offer to you, with love."

Take a look at the Driving with Dogs bookshop for more great dog-related reads.

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